Commerce Lakes Flex Condominiums

Commerce Lakes Commercial/Industrial Flex Condominiums in Gateway, Fort Myers, FloridaThe Commerce Lakes or “Intelliflex” Condominiums are commercial/light industrial flex units located in Gateway at the west end of Commerce Lakes Drive.

Flex condominiums are an attractive option for small business owners who prefer ownership to leasing. Along with growing their respective businesses, many of these proprietors have seen significant equity gains through owning their location as opposed to leasing.

These units are also very functional; with 18′ high ceilings and 12′ x 12′ warehouse doors, they are ready for just about anything. The versatility has attracted an eclectic variety of businesses, from craft beer and cigars to real estate and professional offices. There’s a large tooling/machining operation, a custom gun shop, a granite company and many others. Businesses like landscapers and roofers can run their operations near the neighborhoods they serve. The Fort Myers Brewing Company can brew their product on site, then serve it fresh to festive crowds enjoying some of the best food-truck offerings available.

There’s also a community environment not often seen in other commercial locations. These proprietors have an ownership interest in their individual units as well as a shared interest in the common areas. They use each other’s services, see each other at the brewery and are often neighbors who live in and serve the same communities.

Build it and They Will Come

Fort Myers Brewing CompanyWhen Rob and Jen Whyte started their modest brewery in 2011, they couldn’t have known it would become the popular community gathering place it is today. The Fort Myers Brewing Company (Website|Facebook) is now something of a hot spot Fort Myers, to the point where even during the off season, cars are having to park around the corner for the weekly Thursday food truck nights.

Check their website and Facebook page for scheduled events that include food, fun, live music and fresh brews. If you’re a craft beer enthusiast, it has been voted the best large brewery in Florida.


John Grasmeier is a real estate agent who lives in GatewayJohn Grasmeier

Many readers will already know me, some for years, as a Gateway neighbor or business associate. If we haven’t met, you can read my “official” bio here on the Real in Florida website.

My wife Marie, our daughter Annabelle and I live in Gateway Greens since 2011 and likely will be here for a long time to come. We frequently use the services of Commerce Lakes business owners. Our landscaper operates out of one of the units and so does my gunsmith – who I also happen to play guitar with. Several of the proprietor/owners have visited with Marie and I at our home in Gateway or even carpooled with us to and from our daughter’s school. I spend quite a bit of time at the Intelliflex units, so you may have seen me driving around in my red Z06. You’ll often find Marie, Annabelle and I (or any combination thereof) at one of the many brewery events.

Since becoming a specialist in the Gateway commercial market, I have become very  familiar with the history, market data and condo associations of both Intelliflex phases. I have learned nearly everything there is to know about these 100+ units, as well as the individual owners, lessees and their respective businesses . If you buy, sell, lease or broker a business in this complex, you will have the best available visuals and materials. I will not leave old signs that detract from the property and often don’t advertise any listings. I live within walking distance and can be on-site instantly to address any matter, large or small, that may arise.

If you see me in the neighborhood, please stop me and say hi. If you need to talk to me about real estate (something I love to do) please use the contact link above to text, call, or email me any time day or night.

John Grasmeier, Commercial Real Estate Agent in Gateway
Annabelle with one of my signs on a commercial lot across from the 7-Eleven on Gateway Blvd.

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